Giving yourself permission to take up space. 

Tracy Ya-Yin Kwan 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


AAPI allied | Trauma focused | Inclusive

Acknowledge change is desired in your life as you have the self awareness to empower yourself. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit! A little bit about me so you can feel more comfortable telling me about you - I grew up in Canada and am a second generation immigrant to North America. I originally pursued a degree in communication with the desire to get into journalism and radio. I discovered the world of punk rock and this led into advocating for at-risk populations and social justice. Eventually, I decided with much conviction that I was at home in the field of women’s studies and social work. I have over a decade of experience working with individuals addressing race and gender issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, mood, co-occurring and personality disorders. I have facilitated intensive outpatient groups in a hospital setting. My strong relationship with nature and the outdoors supports me with grounding others when they feel disconnected. 

I value cultural competency and focus on diversity, inclusion, and lifestyle acceptance. I am queer affirming and validate non traditional relationship structures. My approach tends to be direct and supportive. Vulnerability is courageous and essential for personal growth. It would be an honor to be by your side in order to help you achive your long and short term goals.